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    Trends for 2018

    Is 2018 the year of looking after ourself and others?

    Two keywords we are hearing a lot of this year are self-care and kindness.

    Being kind to others but also taking time to be kind to ourselves.

    Interiors trends are reflecting this with comforting colours and natural textures.

    We are seeing a new take on neutrals and a toning down of the bold jewel like colours we saw last year, using warming dusky pinks with muted purples and blues.

    Add to this...

    forest green for a sense of nature and well-being and the new, softer neutrals are comforting and inviting.  Creating soothing living spaces we can withdraw to and relax in.


    Natural, tactile materials are the textiles of the moment.

    Velvet for instance is beautiful and luxurious and can be found everywhere from sofas to sink into, over to cushions and curtains.  Use it in hallways, living rooms and bathrooms to give a cosy, rich, dramatic finish.

    Another natural trend setter for 2018 is linen.  It is popular to source organic, natural dyed linen, that has a soft, muted hue and literally goes with everything.  This again can be found in dusky pinks, purples and greys which creates soft light when used to dress any window, and is wonderful to sink into for a relaxing nights sleep.  Linen fits well in any room, that requires light and softness.  It works so well in both large rooms and small.  Anything that needs an understated and unassuming, Skandi feel.


    Finish off your look...

    by adding other bold, natural materials to give a rich focus, such as large knitted bedspreads, fake fur throws or leather chairs.  All of these finish a scheme and can be a great investment, as they last for ever and are so versatile.  Consider some second-hand or vintage pieces to add a timeless element.


    If you are brave enough...

    Choose a piece with an unusual, more contemporary twist.  Bold tones or patterns are fabulous to create focus and add a pop of colour.

    Bring the botanicals in...

    Plants are looking set to be a key trend this year.  Team indoor foliage and simple natural materials for the ultimate in relaxed and luxe living.  Velvets and linens work so well too, combined in this way.  If you’re not green fingered and want low maintenance, there are excellent faux plants perfect for places low on natural light or if they are at high-level, where watering is tricky.

    If real or faux foliage is not your thing, why not go for something that recreates the feel?

    There are lots of wallpapers and fabrics that have greenery on them if you don’t fancy actual plants.  Some are subtle, but many much bolder than the real thing, in large repeats and vibrant colours.  These look great on feature walls, simple blinds or contrasting rugs.

    Beautiful ceramics are also at the heart of the home..

    If updating a whole room is too much, why not add a few extra focus pieces in keeping with the new trends.  Acquiring something handmade and unique doesn’t have to be a complicated and expensive business.  A smaller and understated piece can be all it takes to give a home a new lease of life.

    In 2018 the emphasis is on adding locally sourced and handmade products to update a look.  “Buying British” and supporting individual up and coming designers/creaters is seen as a good thing to do, and gives accessories a personal back-story.

    Heals currently have two collections -

    British designers and Heals Collectibles, that throw the spotlight on up and coming British designers.

    Some of the artists featured are:

    Isobel Higley, who creates wonderful, inviting and tactile Spirit Pieces that are intended to be held.  She aims to evoke a sense of positivity within the surroundings and encourages the user to pass on any concerns they have to the figure in their hands.  A recent graduate from Falmouth School of Art, Isobel has some wonderful outside ornaments too – “large spirits”, that would make anyone smile!

    We have a lovely little collection of small spirts sitting on the office windowsill to welcome people as they come in.

    Mia Sorosi, uses inspiration from the natural world for her hand-thrown and hand painted pieces.  She has a stunning range of animals painted with free-hand brushwork onto porcelain and a firework range painted in her signature style with each piece unique.

    Two other designers that caught our eye at Heals are Jode Pankhurst who also creates all her pieces by hand (her collection is really fun), and Myer Halliday who is well known for his topographical white lines, spots and grids.  He uses porcelain, like the other designers, and his collection is bright and almost doodle like.


    The Heals collections run until March, so you have to be quick!

    (All of the images here were taken by Camilla Leech or from Pinterest)

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