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..and still leave plenty of time for relaxing!

With Christmas fast approaching, we all have lots of things to do and places to be.  Even so, decorating your house can be fun, quick and easy.

We've collected a few of our favourite ideas from Pinterest to help inspire you.

tree with snow.png

There are two approaches to decorating at Christmas – choosing a theme or going for the more eclectic approach (something we are very keen on here at Element Studios!)

Either way, here are some key elements for creating a beautiful festive atmosphere.


1.  Make it a colourful Christmas -

A colourful theme is not only fun but can also feel luxurious and ultra cosy, especially if you choose jewel tones.

Deck your tree in lots of bright ornaments – we like these ones from John Lewis, but there are plenty to choose from on the High Street or online.

Add some throws over your sofa & chairs in similar tones. For the luxury feel choose velvet.

Velvet sofas are very on trend this year but if you haven’t already got one you can add velvet by using throws and cushion covers - H&M home have a good inexpensive velvet cushion cover range. 

Don’t forget the rest of the house, especially if you are having a party.

The hallway is a great place to decorate – lovely to come home to and immediately gives a festive atmosphere.  Also brilliant for when guests arrive. 


We love pom poms for stand out drama and fun.

The honeycomb type are particularly easy to assemble & work best in a thrown together style. No need to spend ages perfecting.


2.  Go modern and metallic -

The metallic trend is still strong with interiors this year. We may be seeing more of a shift towards gold rather than the bronze and copper hues that have dominated so far.

Ultra sparkly and bright metallics set the Christmas tone so well.  Add in a touch of mid-century modern and geometrics for extra flair

3.  Be minimal -

Keep it calm and neutral with a Scandi minimalistic approach. 

Whites, greys and natural elements like wood create a simple Nordic style loved by many. 

scandi 1.png
scandi 2.png

4.  Eat in style -

Mealtimes are the focus of most Christmas celebrations.

Remember to carry through your theme to the table decorations.  A little goes a long way, but don't forget to leave adequate room for the food.  Add just enough festive touches to make it feel special.

If you want to keep the table top mostly free of decorations, consider hanging them over the table or arrange them on a bookshelf or mantelpiece nearby.

fairy lights 1.jpg

5.  Light it up -

Lighting is always one of the most important elements of any interior styling or design. It creates ambience and drama.

Layer your lighting by using table and floor lamps to create that cosy feeling. Use warm LED lightbulbs for the yellow glow we associate with sunrise and sunset, it’s known to help us relax.  Probably the most obvious lights to use at Christmas are fairy lights.  Most are now LED – choose warm if possible, to get that glow.  Don’t restrict fairy lights to the tree – they look good anywhere and can be wound round branches, beams, mantelpieces - anywhere you want. They create a great entry point around doorways and will carry you through to New Years Eve parties.

Most importantly the best Christmas style is your own individual touch.  Anything goes!  For the Element team, having the time to sit down and relax with a warm glass of mulled wine is our favourite Christmas activity!

(All of the images here can be found on our "Feeling festive" Pinterest board, and were originally sourced on Pinterest)

Wishing you all a very relaxing Christmas and a lovely New Year!