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    Clerkenwell Design Week

    We’ve been so busy lately this is the first opportunity we’ve had to share our highlights from Clerkenwell Design Week, one of our favourite weeks in the design calendar. There were some brilliant designers there that need to be mentioned.

    There’s a lot to see but we had some specific things we were hoping to find and Clerkenwell did not disappoint. As always we were searching for, beautiful high quality design, craftmanship and sustainability.


    Recycled Pendants

    It was great to see Graypants with familiar favourites and some new designs. We had previously specified their recycled cardboard range, Scraplights, at the very popular Brentford housing development as seen here – The Market Building – and we were keen to see what’s new at Graypants HQ.

    Image 1 by Graypants and image 3 by Graypants

    New additions to the Scraplights range are white recycled paper pendants, great for a more neutral scheme and also their beautiful Chrona Celestial series, made from spun brass they would be very striking in any home or workplace.

    Silk Lanterns

    We loved the romantic translucent silk Ume Lanterns by Curiosa & Curiosa.

    The designer,  Esther Patterson, used her drawings of plants in her own garden. The Chinese lantern style works beautifully with her exquisite floral designs, creating a gentle luxurious glow. They would make a stunning centre piece alone or grouped and would be especially lovely in a bedroom.

    Oak Lights

    In complete contrast was the elegant simplicity of Lomas Furniture’s lamps. We particularly liked the Snail & Whale light.

    Made from steam bent oak & the ceramic shade is by Harriet Caslin.

    Ceramic Pendants

    If you are looking for a truly unique piece Lyngard’s fine bone china, with gorgeous iridescent glazes are worth considering. Due to the nature of the glaze each pendant is unlike another & individual. Their pendants range from the beautiful colourful glazes to completely neutral.

    Cork Lights

    Ticking all the boxes for sustainable & beautiful design was Nove lighting. Simple clean lined designs paired with cork. High quality craftmanship & natural sustainable materials are at the core of their business – exactly what we had hoped to find.

    Earthenware Lights

    There was more fabulous lighting in the British Collection section where we saw these great pendants by Hand & Eye – we think they’d be great in a kitchen over an island or table.

    The building was pretty fabulous too & a great setting to discover our stand out Clerkenwell week favourite…

    Kitchen Design

    The showstopping design for us, & many others, was the bespoke kitchen by West & Reid. They have received many mentions and for good reason – their kitchens are stunning. The designs, craftmanship & materials are beautiful. The drawers glide effortlessly & inside the cabinets are just as detailed & thoughtfully designed as the outside.

    These kitchens are beautifully crafted, with great attention to detail . Their signature style is to use veneered birch plywood (although they use other materials if requested)  – all sustainably sourced and handmade in their workshop in London. West & Reid are definitely ones to watch…..and if you’re thinking of having a bespoke kitchen that would last many years these are the people to talk to.

    Outdoor Room

    Design focus is not just on interiors – outdoor furniture, and creating outdoor rooms in gardens is very popular. The days of a musty old deckchair pulled out of the garden shed are gone!  We loved this furniture from Cane-line for comfort as well as the aesthetics & the addition of an outside rug really creates the feel of a room.


    Our favourite details of the day were these handles by Samuel Heath  –

    A little bit more handle appreciation at Dowsing & Reynolds – loved their display!


    We couldn’t resist a quick peek in deVOL’s calm & serene showroom as we were passing –

    Indoor Plants

    Finally we ended the day with Plant Designs – they provide a plant service to London offices, installing & maintaining plants to create green workspaces. Not only do plants clean the air, they are also thought to boost employee productivity by up to 12%. It’s a great idea for adding the benefits of plants to your office space without the maintenance. We will be looking more at the benefits of adding plants to your home in a future blog post.

    Photos by Vic Crofts

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