Interior architecture and design

Ammunitions Factory Conversion, East London

Creating space and focus in an industrial apartment

This was a cluttered apartment in a former warehouse inside a munitions factory in East London.  The primary objectives of the brief were to de-clutter, and to make the space work better as a whole. The de-cluttering meant lots of storage; in the kitchen, in cupboards, under the galley and elsewhere.  These were all designed as bespoke items to maximise the storage volume and make it unobtrusive.

The kitchen was very tired and spread along the outside of the living room.  This project was carried out by Camilla's previous company, Trunk.  We designed a new kitchen, reducing the sprawl and importantly introducing an island.  This opened up more useful space for living and dining, and enabled the client to be facing and interacting with guests when she was preparing food, instead of having her back to them.

A very tight budget was managed by keeping the industrial feel, with painted floors, grey and neutral colours and inexpensive bare industrial lighting.


Photography: pcraig.co.uk